Philosophy Resources And APIS Exam Papers

The Association produces examination papers suitable for the 2A/B and 3A/B Philosophy and Ethics courses, for mid-terms and end-of-year mock exams.

All sections are included, with a marking key.

Please find attached at the end of this post - both the order form and the invoice for exams in Philosophy and Ethics.


An electronic exam package will be emailed to the school, with the format of the package in Microsoft Word.

By completing and submitting the order form, you and your school agree to the following terms and conditions of the Association:

* that the electronic materials you have ordered are for your school only;
* that the number of sets ordered at the indicated stage(s) are commensurate with the number of classes of Philosophy and Ethics timetabled in your school for that Semester;
* that you have a right to use the electronic materials for the purposes of revision with future students of Philosophy and Ethics in your school;
* that the Association is the copyright holder of all electronic materials with the exception of those items or texts substituted by the school.

Should you know of other teachers who might be interested in ordering exam papers, or who would like to be involved in teaching philosophy in schools, please forward these documents on to them, or give them our contact details.

Email your inquiries to: alandtapper (at)

Exam form - examination order form Sem 1 2014_0.doc

Invoice - examination invoice_0.doc

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